Senior Banking Operations Manager

Working at Avanti

Avanti is modernizing the legacy financial system and building the bank of the future by integrating legacy finance with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and our "tokenized dollar" product, Avit.

We see a future where all banks will need to support digital assets and provide meaningful API capabilities to tech-savvy customers. Avanti is already a chartered bank, and we are building toward our launch as a US dollar clearing bank that provides custody services for bitcoin and other digital assets. Our flagship product will be a bank-issued tokenized dollar, allowing for faster, cheaper, and programmable U.S. dollar transactions. Our founders have deep experience in both bitcoin and traditional financial services. If you expect more from existing banks, join our team and help build a better one, from the ground up.

About the role

Success Factors

  • Build a successful bank operations function. Design and implement a process to ensure that outgoing client and internal wires are properly approved and released, in conjunction with Avanti’s software engineers. Design and implement a process to ensure timely resolution of items clearing through both the core banking system and the Federal Reserve. Work with Avanti’s software engineers to ensure customer data is stored securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements. Implement a core banking training program for employees. Manage customers’ user role settings across each of the bank’s products and services.
  • Implement location within 2 months of hire. This location will not handle digital assets but must be physically secure.
  • Design and implement accurate and user-friendly consolidated statements for customers, incorporating both U.S. dollars and digital assets. This project will entail integration work across the banking core system and proprietary digital asset systems.
  • Ensure banking operations comply with the bank’s policies and procedures.
  • Liaise with compliance for operational functions, including BSA and OFAC, with a goal of no or no material findings on regulatory exams.
  • Accurately implement the bank’s fee schedule into the core and regularly review/audit for accuracy.
  • Set targets for timely resolution of items clearing through the Federal Reserve and the bank’s core system.


  • Must be an expert in all things back-office for bank operations, and especially for wires, ACH and Swift payment processes.
  • Must have at least 10 years of direct experience in a senior bank operations role at a U.S. bank. Corporate bank experience is preferred, but community bank experience is acceptable.
  • Must be tech-savvy and crypto-curious. Experience with digital assets not required.
  • Must be an expert in running the back-end of a bank.
  • Must be comfortable with a start-up environment whose colleagues primarily work remotely, except that the bank operations team will work on-premises.


Cheyenne, WY (may live in southeast Wyoming or northeast Colorado, including north Denver metro area if willing to commute)

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